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Bento lunch


I’m moving again….*sighs*


Forever, Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black!

I write, draw, film, and a lot of other things. Professionally I will always be a designer. I cannot look at anything without critiquing it. I cannot help but be green (#64BC46, to be exact) with envy when I see a beautifully clean ad or a cleverly designed business card or a cool looking logo. … Continue reading


New Projects

As stated in my previous post, I finally have found some time to work on some new projects. One of them is an animated short about 22-45 minutes long to be submitted to a French animation festival. It’s only a small one. Still, it’ll be fun. It’s been awhile since the last time I’ve done … Continue reading


I just picked up the pencil again. It has been quite a few months. Where did all my time go? I only work four days a week, but every week passes by like the summer breeze. I want to have the time to sketch and do all the projects I longed to for a while … Continue reading

My misadventures…

Went to LA the other day. That place scared me shamelessly. It reminded me of a lot of places I’ve been to but ten times scarier. The people all over the sidewalk, the cars on the road, the confusing street, the lack of parking…. I could say more, but i just want to put that … Continue reading

Went surfing today….

The ocean is beautiful and vicious at the same time.

The Trade of Passion

I am very passionate about what I do. I am a very passionate person, period. The art trade, I think, pools in the most passionate people of all. Artists, or designers in my case, are the most dedicated and passionate people I’ve ever met. They dedicate hours upon hours perfecting their craft to try and … Continue reading

Envy and Admiration

As artists or designers, we always strive for perfection, for originality. Thus, we are never satisfied with our work. There will always be too many flaws; too many imperfections; too many things “wrong”; too may things to improve on. There will be artists and desingers we admire. We strive to be like them. We strive … Continue reading


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