Ok, Explanation time

For those of you who visited this page a few times and wonder why are all my post in some alien language that you don’t understand (unless you’re vietnamese and recognized that it’s vietnamese). Well, it’s because (duh!) I’m Vietnamese. I’m trying to brush up on my Vietnamese. It’s pretty bad. I want to write for a Vietnamese publication, maybe something like Lang Van or just Bao Tre is good too.

Right I’m a freelance graphic designer looking for work. Also, I’m trying to work on my demo reel. I don’t have a good enough computer to do that though. I’m a multimedia artist. That means, for those of you who don’t know, I quite versatile. I can do anything from video like video editing and motion graphic to web applications to 3D animation and such. My specialty, or what I really want to get into is 3D.  

I just moved to Colorado from California. So, I’m sort of unemployed and broke. Well, I got a part time job at Dairy Queen right now that doesn’t pay nearly enough. The amount of freelance work that I got only help me with the rent, bills, and my eating out habits. In another word, I don’t have the money to get myself a decent computer for 3D work.

Right now I’m trying to put together what I little I have into a decent presentation so that I can actually show people. I lost all the files that I put together in school. Well, not completely. I do have a little, but it doesn’t really want to work with me right now. Plus, I don’t have Premiere on my poor laptop.

I have a pretty decent laptop. I can do quite a lot, but I’m expecting too much out of it. Poor thing. This is the computer I want. According to 3D World Mag, it’s the best there is Cadstation.


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