A New Inspiration

I’m a big Manga (japanese comic) fan. I’m also a big comic fan-American, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, or whatever. Even bigger though, I’m a fan of the unique minority. If something is different, far from the norm, un-mainstream, one would say, I’m all for it. This might not be too un-mainstream, because I’m sure it will blow up pretty soon, but this is something different. I love it.

This has got to be the coolest comic I’ve ever seen. They consist of pencil sketches that made to look like old photographs. The “photographs” are sequenced and tell a story of a man leaving his home to go to another country to seek prosperity. There are no words, just drawings. Glancing at these pictures, I don’t just have the wow this is neat factor, but I also get the feeling of being pulled into the book. I seldom get that feeling unless it’s from a book, with just words. The mood, the settings, and just the book itself just seems so amazing to me. I random get this feeling. That’s why I love reading so much, but this is totally different. These are drawings.

It inspires me. 

Just like how reading makes me want to write, looking at this book makes me want to draw. I want to put together something like this. Pictures, just pictures, that tell a story. Pictures that say so much more than words can, so much more than just merely pictures. Pictures that can evoke feelings and mood. Pictures that will inspire, like Shaun Tan’s book inspired me.

I’m no artist. I don’t think I can draw that well. I think my drawing abilities maybe above the average. People tell me that I draw well. They call me and artist. They ask me to draw for them. 

I don’t listen to people too well.

 People tell me that I write well too. They call me a writer, a poet.

I’m not so sure about that.

My talent and abilities maybe limited. I will try though. I will brush up on my drawing skills. I went to the art store today and bought $70 worth of art supplies. I will practice. I may not draw well like how I may not write well. I will still draw and I will still write. Someday, I hope I am worth of the titles people bestowed on me too prematurely.

Someday, I hope I can call myself an artist, a writer.

For now, I can only keep doing what I’m doing.


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