Forget Apple iPhone! Helio Ocean beats you all!

I was never into media hype and mainstream “stuffs”. I do not like having things that everybody has. I do not want something that everyone is wanting. So, when the Apple iPhone came out, I was not one of the people flocking to see it. John, one of the editor I am working for as a freelance writer, even offered me one. I refused becuase the iPhone might be the hottest thing to get right, it was certainly not the best or the coolest. The Blackberry Pearl seemed like a better choice to me than the iPhone. It was cheaper and smaller and has more function that I like in a phone more than the iPhone.


 Don’t get me wrong! The iPhone is a pretty cool phone with awesome features: QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera, OS X, emails, faster internet browser, not to mention the touchscreen, which is a pretty cool touch. Yay iPhone!


 However, there’s even a cooler and cheaper phone out there: Helio Ocean. Not only is it cheaper than the iPhone ($3oo vs. $400 – $600), it has dual slider, intergrated gps system, satellite technology, and the fastest internet surfing speed of all the phones. What I love most about the Helio Ocean is that it works anywhere in the world because it operates with the satellite system. You can enter a phone number and it’ll tell you exactly where it is using Google Maps or Mapquest or the likes.

See for yourself. I don’t want to sound like a salesman ( I was one, a very well-trained one too) trying to sell you the phone.Stop by a Helio dealer and test the phone out. Like me, you will be mezmerized by it. It beats out the Apple iPhone on design, I think, and functionality. Beat that Apple!

 See here for more:

 Comparision chart:


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