Something of my own…

Walking down memory lane, I remember what I wanted most my whole life was a pet. I’ve had a few.

 There was this puppy that I owned for a few days, maybe a few weeks. It had been too long to recall anymore. I loved that puppy for the short time I owned him. He made too much of a ruckus, and my family was too poor to afford him. Feeding, clothing, and sending us to a decent school was a task of its own already. The puppy was sent to one of my dad’s friend daughter. How lucky was she? 

As I grew older, I got a fish. My neighbor moved. She found out that there was a tiny little fish that was hatched probably not too long ago. It was tiny. She gave me enough food to last the fish whole lifetime. All I got to do was to remember to change its water once in a while. The fishy wasn’t a dog, but he/she was something. I got a chance to watch this little fish grew into a bigger fish. He was a beautiful fish. Its little tail fin grew different color as he grew. Then, one day, my dad got a few pebbles and rearrange its rocks around. Somehow one of the rock fell on him…and bye, bye Fishy.

I don’t have luck with pets.

About the same that I got my fish, I also got a little baby turtle. He was one of the oddest pet. When I got Turtley (not much imagination in names, I know), I didn’t have turtle food. Therefore, I fed him little lettuce leaves, the baby ones from the center.  By the time I got around to buy Turtley turtle food, he refused to eat it. He also refused to eat any other veggie or lettuce, except the tiny ones from the center. My turtle died.

 I love animals. I love kitties, puppies, bunnies. All my life, I had only the pleasure of playing with other people’s pets. Sometimes, they let me hold them and pet them. Most of the time, they all ran back to their own to be held, and petted, and cuddled. All my life, I wished nothing more than to have a furry little friend of my own.

About three months ago, I rescued a little kitten with the help of my friend, Pete, and my fiance. We named her Halley (we found her in the hall-Halley- you know hall-ie). Everything was great. Halley made herself at home. As far as she was concerned, everything was hers. She knocked over stuffs, hid stuff, sat wherever she pleased, even if it was a copy of a drawing a client gave me.

I love her more than anything in this world. She’s the oddest, prettiest, and most affection-starved cat in the world. She’s so spoiled it’s not even funny.

Now that I have a kitty. I have a full time job that take me away for most of the day. By the time I get home, it’s dinner time and then bed time. I barely get to see her. And I feel, maybe it’s just me, but she’s a little more detached from me everyday.

My fiance, who works at home, is with her at all time. Am I jealous? Yes. He has a cat in CA, who’s more attached to him than any other living thing can be…and there’s a cat here, that is just as attached…Am I jealous? Yes. He has, always has, something I’ve wanted my whole life. That warrants something…right?

Even when I have a pet, she’s not mine…


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