New Projects

As stated in my previous post, I finally have found some time to work on some new projects. One of them is an animated short about 22-45 minutes long to be submitted to a French animation festival. It’s only a small one. Still, it’ll be fun. It’s been awhile since the last time I’ve done something like this. It’s been awhile since I’ve pursued anything.

Anyway, the focus of the short is about this girl who’s running away from her reality and finding herself in a completely different reality than her own. After a few misadventures, she learns that she can’t run away from her problems. The only way get rid of them is to face them head on.

Well, it’s not an original concept but this short is more of an animation showpiece than a deep and meaningful portrayal of a story. Hopefully things will turn out well. To the left  is a concept for the main heroine. I’ve been trying to come up with the concept for her character for a month now. It finally materialized into something. Cheers!


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