The Trade of Passion

I am very passionate about what I do. I am a very passionate person, period. The art trade, I think, pools in the most passionate people of all. Artists, or designers in my case, are the most dedicated and passionate people I’ve ever met. They dedicate hours upon hours perfecting their craft to try and … Continue reading

Resume Blunders no one should make…

We’ve all made them: spelling mistakes, grammar errors, silly tidbits on our resumes. They stay there until one employer is kind enough to tell us, “Don’t do that! It’s what holding you back.” It’s understandable if one made a small spelling errors here and there, but how is it a professional thing to do to put … Continue reading

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer When…

You have bags under your eyes so big you’d have to check them in at Heathrow Airport You watch the superbowl just for the commercials You can spot bad typography from 100 yds away You are pro-facebook because 95% of the myspace accounts burn your retinas You can name more than 200 fonts in under … Continue reading


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