Graphic Design

I am a Graphic Designer with six years of experience. I have worked everywhere from small companies to large design firm. During all my years of experience, I have freelanced since the day I enter school. My experiences give me all the knowledge that I need to produce quality work as well as understanding not only my clients but what they want and need. Hopefully, I will get a chance to work with you soon.

Contact me
Phone: (508) 348-9356


One thought on “Graphic Design

  1. I have a site that needs some looking at and QC, possible webmaster for CMS and Ad-sense function. PHP layouts and more. Frank Gleason 714-240-8595

    Would like to meet and show you site so far at programmers location in Irvine or my office in Anaheim or Starbucks in OC or wherever you feel would be good for you. It is hard to explain over phone and I can’t give address of site because of sensitivity before Beta launch.

    Basically we need to rearrange some of the pages, sections and icons. There are also Free lance banner ads and /Corporate ID opportunities in the future for someone interested in working independent if desired or with the company. Thank you for your time

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