Prose – 1


The waves crash almost violently on the sandy beach. Strong breezes blow by carrying whatever burdens that is weighing down up to the cloudless sky. On the shore, a silhouette of a girl stands against the blinding sunlight. Her dress flutters against the fierce wind. The girl’s hair moves with the wind across her face. Her face is blank; her smile is apathetic; her mind is empty. But her eyes, oh, her eyes betray her cold, stoic aura.

She stands alone staring vacantly out to the vastness of the horizon where the sea and the sky meet. Perhaps she is beholding God’s greatest masterpiece, a sunset-a perfect sunset. Perhaps she is trying to find a peace of mind. Perhaps this vision of perfection gives her solace and probably comfort. Maybe, she wants or needs to know that somewhere out there there is something that is constant, beautiful, ideal. Her eyes sparkles betraying her callous apperance.
     Yes, to find comfort in beauty and perfection.

     The girl smiles wider. This time it’s a genuine smile. Her eyes now tell of gladness. She closes them and spreads her arms out lifting her face to the sky as if…as if, she wants the wind, the ever so gentle wind to guide her soul to the sky, the endlessly blue sky. Her smile begins tells of contentment. She begins to walk out toward the ocean, toward the crashing waves with her face to the sky and her arms open wide. The waves wash over and she stops. Chills run up her spine and spread throughout her body as the coldness of the water hits her legs. Standing still, she waits for another wave. Another waves hits. Finally, she staggers back and falls to the ground, laughing. The girl opens her eyes. They dance in merriment.

     In peace and solitude, laughter still reveals itself.

   The sun sets. Darkness falls. The girl sits hugging her knees. The water washes through her as she stares longingly at the horizon.

    I want to find serenity even in hallowness and desolation.


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