Short Story – 1

-You hate rain don’t you?

I asked you that day. We were wandering out in the rain again like we always did when it rained. We were just two crazy kids.

-Yes, I do.
-Because it makes me wet and cold.
-Oh. Well, I love rain.

I ran ahead laughing and jumped into a puddle, like a little kid. I looked at you. You were smiling that awkward, embarrassed smile that you always wear whenever I do something childish. I titled my head up and opened my mouth to catch little raindrops.

-Silly girl.

You shook your head as I spread my arms out wide and twirled around.

-I love the rain.
I said again.

-I love the rain, too.

I stopped and gave you a confused look.

-You do? Then why did you just tell me that you hate rain?
-Because I only love rain because it brings happiness to you and makes you smile so.

I smiled and ran back to hug you. You made me happy, too. The happiness and joy the rain brought me was nothing compare to the feelings I felt when I was in your arms. We embraced endearingly while drenched in the rain. We were a couple of fools, but we were in loved. That made everything else irrelevant.

-You love me, too, right?

You paused and then said,

-Yesterday, someone asked me if I love you.
-And you told that person, yes, yes, I do, right?
-Correct, and then he asked me, with all your heart?
-Ooh, let me guess. You said, Yes!

You nodded.
-Correct. I said yes. He asked me again, forever and ever?

I smiled brightly bouncing up and down.
-You told him, yes! You said, yes, right?

-No. I didn’t. I said, no.

I froze for a second and then slowly smiled up at you again.

-Silly boy. Of course, you said yes…right?

You shook your head, and I feel a shiver going down my spine.

-No. I said, no.
-I don’t understand. Why?

I stared up at you with sadness and fear in my eyes. You held my hands and kissed it gently. There were a glint of something in your eyes that I couldn’t make out.

-Love is like the rain. It comes and stays for a while to make you happy. Then, it moves on. If it stays too long, it will only hurt the land. Like the rain, I can’t stay and make you happy forever. Nothing lasts that long. There will be another rainstorm. It’ll bring you just as much happiness.

-But, you do bring me happiness. You will always bring me happiness. I can’t imagine a day that I wouldn’t be happy just being with you.

I tried to hold you tight, but you were slipping away from me. You kissed my damp hair. You spoke, but it didn’t sound like your voice, not the voice of the one I loved so.

-You’ll see. Something better will come along.

I don’t know if you could see the bitter teardrops that mingled with the sweet rain on my cheeks. You probably couldn’t; you were walking away. The rain suddenly felt like pebbles stumbling on my head and the gentle breezes suddenly felt so cold. Maybe the rain wanted to comfort me too. Maybe the rain knew how I felt and was sympathizing with me. It rained for the next two days, but I didn’t go outside.

It had been quite a few years. Since that day, I haven’t walked in the rain like you and I used to. When the rain poured down, I hid and avoided the streets. You were wrong. There wasn’t another rainstorm that could bring me happiness like before that day. There wasn’t anyone else that could bring that same smile upon my face. All there were were overcast days as I drudged along without you. You were wrong.

Love does last forever. It lingers here in my heart. I still love you, and I’ll love you forever.


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